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2021 Austria 10 Kronen Specimen Frank Joseph l.

Gabris Banknotes
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Matej Gabris Specimen Banknote Designs

Francis Joseph I (* August 18, 1830, Vienna - † November 21, 1916, Vienna) was the Austrian Archduke, Austrian Emperor (since 1848), King of Bohemia and Hungary (since 1848; Czech coronation did not take place; King of Hungary crowned June 8, 1867) and President of the German Association (in 1849 - 1866) of the Habsburg-Lorraine family, the eldest son of Archduke Francis Charles of Habsburg and Sophia of Bavaria.
Dimensions (mm): 165 x 93

Release Date: October 2021

Numbering: individual numbering, series FJ.01 - 500 pcs, for the year-end set MG.01 - 200 pcs, for foreign partner MG.02 -200 pcs, ANNULATES series MG.01 - 150 pcs, MG.02 - 50 pcs, MG .03 - 100 pcs

Back content:

The statue of Maria Theresa dominated Coronation Square. The Carrara marble sculpture, 6.65 meters high, on a high pedestal (the total height of the work was eleven meters) was ceremoniously unveiled on May 16, 1897 in the presence of the emperor and Hungarian King Fr

Copies made:

1200 pcs

Watermark paper type: PROSECURA

Face value: 10 Kronen - Fantasy (NO value)
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