Guyana, officially the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, is a country in northern South America, which is adjacent to Suriname, Brazil and Venezuela. Guyana has a border dispute with Suriname and in Venezuela.

The currency is the Dollar

The Community paid here with Dollars

See on this page which pretty colorful banknotes are issued in this country.

Pn 42

Guyana 2000 Dollars 2022 Unc Polymer

Pn 41

Guyana 50 Dollars 2016 Unc , Fifty Years of Guyana's Independence

Pn 39a

Guyana 1000 Dollars 2006 Unc

Pn 36e

Guyana 100 Dollars 2022 Unc

Pn 36c

Guyana 100 Dollars 2016 Unc

Pn 34a

Guyana 500 Dollars 2000 Unc

Pn 30f

Guyana 20 Dollars 2016 Unc

Pn 30e.2

Guyana 20 Dollars 2010 Unc

Pn 30e.1

Guyana 20 Dollars 2009 Unc

Pn 30a

Guyana 20 dollar 1996 Unc

Pn 23d

Guyana 10 dollars 1989 Unc

Pn 22f.2

Guyana 5 Dollars 1992 Unc

Pn 21g.2

Guyana 1 dollar 1992 Unc