Nederland 5 Gulden E.K 2000 small mint master's mark

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WCC: km231
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small mint master's mark

Country: Netherlands

Series: 1980~2001 - 6th Queen Beatrix (Guilder) Commemorative
Catalog codes: World Coins km231
Issued on: 2000
Last issue date: 2000
Distribution: Circulating Commemorative
Mints: Royal Dutch Mint (Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt), Utrecht, The Netherlands
Composition: Bronze clad Nickel
Edge: Lettered-Signs-Numbers (reeded)
Orientation: Coin alignment ↑O↓
Shape: Circular
Rim: Raised. Not decorated. Both sides
Weight: 9.25 grams
Diameter: 23.5 mm
Face value: 5 Dutch gulden
Known mintage total: 2,520,000
Know mintage Proof small mint master's mark: 1,000
Composition Details: 90% Nickel, 9-7% Copper and 1-3% Tin
Front: (value) 5 between mint marks
(left) privy mark: bow & Arrow (Drs. Chr. van Draanen, 1989-1999)
(right, privy mark) (right) caduceus (c 1806-)
above (bottom, currency) GULDEN in front of football design
legend: (top-left, title) E K 2000
Back: Head queen Beatrix (left, 1980-2013) left of (arced text, ruler) BEATRIX in front of football design
legend: (left, title) KONINGIN DER NEDERLANDEN
Edge: GiT - grained with incuse text: "G O D * Z IJ * M E T * O N S *"

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