Uzbekistan 2000 Som 2021 Unc

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Uzbekistan banknote

Country: Uzbekistan
Series: 2021 Issue
Catalog codes: World Paper Money P-87
Issued on: 2021-06-14
Distribution: Standard Circulation
Size: 142 x 69 mm
Composition: Paper
Printer: Davlat Belgisi (Uzbekistan) - DB
Face value: 2,000 Uzbekistani som
Front: Ark of Bukhara - entrance to massive fortress; caravan routes on map of Uzbekistan; Honatlas textile patterns in backgorund; coat of arms at upper right.
Back: Varakhsha ruins on the ancient caravan route of Poykend; clay pot, female figurine artifact, different embroidery patterns in the background.
Quality: Unc (uncirculated)

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