Angola 5000 Kwansas 2020 Unc

Pn 163a
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Country: Angola
Series: 2020 "Natural Wonders on Back" Issue
Catalog codes: World Paper Money P-163a
Issued on: 2020-04
Distribution: Standard Circulation
Size: 140 x 75 mm
Composition: Paper
Face value: 5,000 Kz - Angolan kwanza
Signature: José de Lima Massano (Govenor)
Serial # prefix: A
Put into circulation: 04.02.2021
Front: Dr. António Agostinho Neto (1st president of Angola, 1975/79).
Back: Ruins of the Former Cathedral of the Holy Saviour of Congo (in Kongo 'Kulumbimbi'), Mbanza-Kongo (in Portuguese 'São Salvador') - World Heritage Site.
Quality: Unc (uncirculated)

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