America 5 Dollars 2003 Unc

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Pn 517aE
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Country: United States of America
Series: 2003 Federal Reserve Notes - Small Size 2003 Series
Catalog codes: World Paper Money P-517aE
Issued on: 2003
Size: 156 x 66 mm
Composition: Paper
Printer: Bureau of Engraving and Printing (U.S.A.) - BEP
Face value: 5 $ - United States dollar
Description: Signatures: John William Snow & Rosario Marin
Code FRB: E 5 (Richmond, VA), Series: 2003
Serial # suffixes: A, DB/DE/DF/DG: A-B, DL: A-D
Federal Reserve Bank designation: A1-L12
Production: October 2003 – November 2005
Quality: Unc (uncirculated)

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