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Aruba 5 Florin 2012 Proof

Aruba Coins
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Country: Aruba
Quality: Proof
Series: 1994~Today - Numismatic Product
Catalog codes: World Coins km50
Issued on: 2012
Last issue date: 2012
Distribution: Numismatic Product
Mints: Royal Dutch Mint (Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt), Utrecht, The Netherlands
Composition: Silver
Edge: Lettered-Signs-Numbers (plain)
Orientation: Coin alignment ↑O↓
Shape: Circular
Rim: Raised. Not decorated. Both sides
Weight: 11.9 grams
Diameter: 29 mm
Face value: 5 ƒ - Aruban florin
Composition Details: 925/1000 Silver 0.xxx oz. ASW, 75/1000 copper
Front: Coloured burrowing owl (front, Athene cunicularia, Shoco)
between (left/right) cacti,
(up-right, value) 5 / FLORIN
(bottom-left, mintmaster privy mark) sails (s, sails (s, Ir. M.T. Brouwer 2003-1015)
left of (mintmark) ☤ (caduceus, Royal Dutch Mint, Utrecht, The Netherlands)
inside shutter design with diagonal incuse texts
(up-left, state name) ARUBA above (small year) 2012
(up-right, subject) SHOCO above (small)
(low-left) nationaal (low-right symbool)
legend: none
Back: Large coat of arms (1955)
legend: none
Edge: PiT - Plain with incuse text: GOD ZIJ MET ONS
(translated: God is with us)

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