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Brazil 1 Cruzeiro 1944 Unc

Letter - B
Pn 132a
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Country: Brazil
Series: 1943-1944 W/o Estampa (1A)
Catalog codes: World Paper Money P-132a
Ww Brazil Money BR C 009a
Issued on: 1944
Size: 157 x 67 mm
Composition: Paper
Printer: American Bank Note Company (U.S.A.) - ABNC
Face value: 1 Brazilian cruzeiro
Description: Series #1-1000. Hand-signed across face of note.
These notes did not bring the signatures of the Minister of Finance and Director of the Amortization Fund were autographed. The autograph was a signature or visa of an employee of "Mint" responsible for verifying that banknote had no printing errors and also for giving banknote a different pattern every one, since there are no two completely identical signatures.
Quality: Unc (uncirculated)
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