Bolivia 1 Boliviano 1951 Xf series G14

Pn 128b G14 Xf
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Country: Bolivia
Series: Law of 20.7.1928 "Printer W&S" Second Issue
Catalog codes: World Paper Money P-128b
Issued on: 1951
Composition: Paper
Printer: Waterlow & Sons Ltd. (England) - W&S
Face value: 1 Bs. - Bolivian boliviano
Signatures: Sánchez / Frías / Damaso Carrasco
Series: E14-F14-G14-H14-I14-J14-K14-L14-M14-N14-O14-P14-Q14; Overprint "EMISIÓN 1951"
Quality: Xf (extremely fine)
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