Belarus 500 Rublei 2004 Unc

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Pn 27a
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Country: Belarus

Series: 2000-2016 Issue (Series 2000)
Catalog codes: World Paper Money P-27a
Issued on: 2000
Distribution: Standard Circulation
Size: 150 x 74 mm
Composition: Paper
Printer: Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Goznak" (Russia) - FGU
Face value: 500 Br - Belarusian ruble
Front: Labour Union Palace of Culture in Minsk
Back: Sculptures at top of the building
Embedded security thread
Put into circulation: 01.01.2000
Withdrawal by: 01.01.2017
Serial # prefixes: Нн, Но, Нп, Нс, Нт, Нх, Нч;
Ма, Мб, Мв, Мг, Ме (in circulation since 2001);
Чх, Чэ, Чя (2004);
Пг, Пе, Пк, Пл (2006);
Кв, Кг, Кд, Ке, Кк (2007);
Ба, Бб, Бв (2010)
Quality: Unc (uncirculated)

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