2013 Macedonia 200 Denari Unc Specimen Dionysus

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Country: Macedonia 200 Denari (Fantasy Issues)
Series: Gabris banknote
Issued on: 2013
Size: 146 x 70 mm
numbering:  with unique individual numbers   
Composition: Watermarked Paper , Security features include: pattern watermarked paper, UV fluorescent fibers,  microprint.
Face value: 200 Denari - Fantasy (NO value)
Mintage: 800
Specimen submitted for official banknote design competition.
Numbering: with unique individual numbers.
Front side: Sculpture of Venus from Ckupi, II century AD, Archaeological location Skupi Skopje. Back side: Aqueduct in Skopje, an archaeological site located in Vizbegovo near the city of Skopje, 527-554 Year. 
Watermark: "ypsilon type".
Quality: Unc (Uncirculated)
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