In this department you will find the great designs of the master himself Matej Gabris, and will be sold to the collector or dealers here, the notes are always printed in low runs so be quick if you want to have one in your collection or in your stock.

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Limited 700 pieces

France 50 Francs 2018 Unc Pierre Richard


The Consolidated Bank of Success 1 big thanks 2018 Unc


Greenland Essay 200 Kroner 2018 Polymer Unc

Sold Out

The Consolidated Bank of Success 1 big thanks 2018 Unc with signature from Matej Gabris

Sold Out
Limited Edition

Wilsonstadt 1 Krone Wilsonovo Mesto 2018 Unc Signature Matej Gabris


Slovakia 25 korun 2018 Unc


Norway Svalbard 100 kroner 2018 Unc


Czechoslovakia 100 korún Commemorative, 100 years of the founding of the republic 2018 Unc


Sweden 5 Kronor 2017 Unc Polymer


Italy San Marino 100 lire 2018 Unc


Great Britain Wales 50 Pounds 2017 Princes Diana , Polymer

Sold Out !!
Sold Out

Spain 100 Pessetes 2017 Catalunya Unc

Sold Out !
Limited 800 Pcs

Finland 100 Kroner 2017 Unc Lapland

Limited Edition

Scotland 10 Pounds 2017 Unc - Sir Arthur C. Doyle

Limited of 500 pcs

Slovakia 10 Korún 2016 Unc


Norway 20 Kroner 2016 Unc Gustav Vigeland


Republica de Catalunya 100 cent pessetes 2017 Unc


Montenegro 50 Perpera 2016 Unc

Pn 5402

Italy 60 Lire 2016 Unc Enrico Fermi


Korsovo 20 Dinare 2016 Unc